The Topic of Healthy Aging Never Grows Old!

We’ve all heard the old adage that time marches on.

There’s no disputing this fact. But as we grow older, there is no reason we can’t enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. Throughout September, Cucamonga Valley Medical Group has highlighted the topic of healthy aging and provided valuable information and tips.

As the month closes, it’s worth a recap. Many factors will impact healthy aging. We have no control over our family history and genetics, and how this will affect our golden years. But we do have control over how much we exercise, how healthy our diet is or how often we visit our physician for a check-up.

• Remember to get moving. Take a walk or jog. Ride a bicycle or swim. Staying active has a positive affect on your physical health and mental approach.

• Choose wisely at meal time. Eat smart! Talk to your physician about how many calories you need and appropriate portion sizes. Learn about healthy food and beverage choices. Plan a healthy snack time.

• Get a good night’s sleep. Follow a regular sleep schedule and avoid afternoon napping.

• Quit smoking! Your age or how long you’ve been smoking doesn’t matter. There’s no better time to kick the habit than the present.

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