You can make a difference during Men’s Health Month!

Throughout the month of June, you’ve probably seen or heard about the significance of National Men’s Health Month.

As the summer kicks in, it’s a reminder that men should make time to take care of themselves. Consult with a physician. Don’t be shy about scheduling a test or screening. Eat better. Exercise. Little things can make a big difference.

“Anytime” is a good time to raise awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. But June moves this issue to the forefront.

Consider a few statistics.

• The CDC notes that 450,000 men die of cardiovascular disease each year.
• More than 700,000 men annually are diagnosed with some type of cancer and 300,000 of those cases will result in death, according to the Men’s Health Resource Center.
• Prostate cancer is diagnosed in 230,000 men each year. This form of cancer is the second-leading cause of death in men, according to
• Too many of us are overweight or obese. The National Institutes of Health note that more than 60% of adult American men fall into this category.

So, what can you do?

• Make a point to check in with your doctor. Schedule a checkup or a screening to address any of the health concerns such as cardiovascular disease or prostate cancer mentioned earlier in this post.
• Tweak your diet. This is the perfect time to change what and how you eat. Curb the amount of alcohol you drink this month. Map out a healthy diet for 30 days. Then, stick with it!
• Soak up knowledge. Educate yourself through conversations with your physician. Do your own research as well. Read about common health issues that are specific to men and learn how you can be proactive.
• Set goals. This month take inventory of your health and ponder where you think you should be in a month, a year, or several years from now. Whether it is about dropping a few pounds, walking a few miles each day or hitting the gym frequently, set achievable goals and take steps to reach them. Talk to your doctor to reinforce your plan.

June is a month often associated with picnics, festivals, outdoor events and the outset of summer vacation for the kids. This year, make it about Men’s Health, too.