Sabrina Tupuivao Launches CVMG Healthy Living Program

Making healthy lifestyle choices is not always easy, no matter your age. Through education, you can gain the information you need to begin your journey to a lifestyle of healthy living.

To do this, CVMG Community Health Educator, Sabrina Tupuivao, will be launching a monthly Healthy Living Program. Sabrina will cover topics critical to your overall health and wellness, including the first in the webinar series, Building Healthy Lungs for Life.

The monthly webinar series, delivered via Zoom, is a free, live event at 7:00PM PST on the last Wednesday of every month.

Attendees will be educated on important topics and provided with useful tips and evidence-based advice to help them make healthy choices.

Future topics will cover stress management, sexual health, healthy sleep routines, effects of vaping/smoking, and weight management.

Sabrina is a healthy lifestyle advocate and educator, who among other things, teaches a Diabetes Education Class for CVMG.

Her specialty is the promotion of a plant-based diet for optimal health.

Sabrina received a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from California State University San Bernardino, where she conducted health promotion campaigns and presented on women’s health, healthy food choices and sexual health. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Communication, with a concentration on Health Communication.

Sabrina is a mom to three girls. She volunteers at her local community garden. For fun, she runs an exercise program for her girlfriends out of her garage, and enjoys swimming and hiking.

Stay informed by visiting our Healthy Living Program page.