Out of the Pool and Back to School!

By Lauren Crostic, PA

Cucamonga Valley Medical Group


CVMG’s ‘Back to School Clinics’ ease the transition


Beach days, pool parties, late movie nights and family vacations come to a close as summer winds down.

Once those traditional summer activities become less frequent or finally conclude, it’s time to begin thinking about the upcoming school year.

Preparing for the back-to-school routine might be exciting to some or cause anxiety for others.

As some school districts start their school year in August, July is known as “Back to School” preparation month.

It’s a month in which parents begin to incorporate back-to-school rituals in the household. School-supply shopping. Earlier bedtimes. Less screen time.

It is also a great opportunity to make sure that immunizations are up to date, or to schedule appointments with your child’s health care provider for annual well-child checks or sports physicals.

Cucamonga Valley Medical Group will hold its “Back to School Clinics” from 8 a.m. to noon on July 27 and August 17 at CVMG’s location in Fontana, 16465 Sierra Lakes Parkway, Suite 300.

The clinics are open to the public. No insurance is needed and it’s $10 per child.

Time for a well-child check

Parents often rush to schedule an appointment for a sick child with their primary care provider or pediatrician, but it is just as important to bring them in when they are healthy for their annual well-child check.

Summertime is a great season to schedule these appointments or to take advantage of our “Back to School Clinics.”

Well-child checks usually consist of a physical exam to assess the child’s overall health including growth and development, for parents to raise any concerns and to talk about the prevention of illness.

Immunizations are key in preventing hospitalizations and life-threatening illnesses like measles, whooping cough, meningitis, and pneumonia, to name a few.


Sports physicals, screen time

Sports physicals are also key as they are focused on safe participation in physical activity.

These types of physicals help to identify major health conditions or injuries that may limit the athlete’s ability to fully participate in the sport.

It’s also wise to prepare indoors as well as outside. As the new school year approaches, place consistent limits on screen time and avoid any screen time 1-2 hours prior to bedtime.

Stay positive! Starting school can be challenging and stressful for some, especially after a fun summer.

Maintaining a positive and upbeat attitude at home and being involved with your child’s schooling can help them stay motivated and be successful in their studies!

For more information on Cucamonga Valley Medical Group’s “Back to School Clinics” or to RSVP visit here.