Healthy Eating with Diabetes During the Holiday Season

Noé Lopez, FNP-C, Cucamonga Valley Medical Group

By Noé Lopez, FNP-C

Here at CVMG, we take pride in treating others as family. As we fast approach the holiday season, I would like to present a few helpful tips that I have also shared with my personal family.

First and foremost, we must keep in mind to continue with our standard COVID-19 pandemic precautions that include limiting indoor gatherings, wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, and maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet from others.

The following are a few strategies to help you stay on track of your diabetes management with holiday eating:

  • Use mindful eating techniques such as being present in the moment, visualizing your food portions before eating and knowing your hunger and fullness cues. Eat to satisfy hunger and stop eating when you are content and comfortable. You’ll know when you’re “stuffed” when you feel uncomfortable and your clothes feel tight.  
  • When you think you’ve over-eaten, don’t penalize or criticize yourself but rather learn from the event and don’t overeat next time. Maybe enjoy a leisurely walk after your meal
  • Eat your meals at regular time periods and avoid “carb loading” for a big meal of the day.
  • Fill your plate with healthy items first such as salads or vegetables.
  • Review all of the food options before deciding which foods to place on your 9-inch plate
  • Bring a healthy dish to your holiday gathering.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day and stay with calorie free drinks with your meal.
  • Remember to regularly check your blood sugar numbers throughout the day.
  • Most importantly, enjoy the time with family or friends. Remember that this is a special time of year to give thanks for your health and to appreciate the love of family and friends. 

On behalf of your CVMG family, we would like to extend a cheerful holiday season to you and your family. 

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