Have a question about COVID-19? CVMG is here to help

By Dr. Kyle Smart, DO,
Chief Medical Officer


By now, you’ve probably seen or heard plenty about the coronavirus.
It’s important to know the facts about COVID-19.

The coronavirus is a virus, rather than a bacteria or fungus. The name comes from the crown-like appearance of the virus. A new or novel type of coronavirus is currently infecting humans.

The symptoms are flu-like. Cough, congestion and fever. As is the case with all viruses and illnesses, prevention is key to containing the spread of coronavirus.


Things to Remember

Remember these common-sense tips:

Wash your hands thoroughly – at least 20 seconds — and frequently.
Keep common areas clean and frequently sanitize those places.
Limit your time in crowded areas.
Limit or avoid hand-shaking.

Unfortunately face masks do not prevent people from getting infected, but these may decrease the spread of the virus if used by those who are infected.


Exposure Considerations

The major risk factor for getting COVID-19 is exposure to someone who is infected or who has recently traveled to China, South Korea, Italy or Iran.

If you have been exposed, you need to isolate yourself at home and contact Public Health. The team at CVMG can assist you with this process.

San Bernardino County Public Health may be reached at 1-800-782-4264, or by clicking here.

As mentioned earlier, we will be limiting hand-shaking in this season at our six CVMG locations throughout the Inland Empire.

Feel free to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when in our clinics. Only patients with upper respiratory symptoms will be given masks.

We are here for you. Please let our CVMG team know your concerns about coronavirus or any other health-related issue.