Have a Happy (And Healthy) Halloween

Tips to Survive the ‘Treat’ Season and Avoid Sugar Rush

It’s Halloween season, and perhaps you’re somewhat apprehensive of the ‘tricks’ that accompany those sweet and sugary treats of the season.

It’s only natural to want to be a part of the Halloween festivities whether you hand out treats to those costumed youngsters who go door-to-door in the neighborhood hoping to collect plenty of candy, chips, pretzels and other goodies; or if you take your own children trick-or-treating while they’re dressed in cool, creepy or trendy costumes.

Once the big night is over, almost certainly you will be tempted as all of that candy, chips and pretzels are on your counter or in an oversized bowl. Here are a few tips to keep Halloween healthy.


Get Physical


  • Things will be hectic once the sun goes down, so try to fit in a morning or afternoon workout session.
  • Take a morning walk. Hit the treadmill. Ride a stationary bike. Simply put, exercise.
  • Physical activity always is a plus, especially when chocolate and sweets will be abundant later in the night!


Don’t Miss a Meal


  • Make sure you plan on a quick and healthy dinner before the Halloween routine. With so much going on, this might be a challenge, but it’s worth it.
  • Don’t rely on an easy option such as ordering a pizza or hitting the fast-food drive through lane. Eat healthy.


Make Healthy Snacks


  • You don’t have to hide the bowl filled with the goodies, but make sure there are other options. Healthy snacks and fresh produce should be available for your own household’s consumption.
  • Make your own Halloween-themed trail mix with nuts, dried fruit, unbuttered popcorn and mini-pretzels. Just a touch of candy corn or chocolate is acceptable in the mix.


If the Shoe Fits…


  • Comfortable footwear is a must when taking the kids trick-or-treating. Prevent sore or blistered feet after a long neighborhood walk by wearing the right shoe. You don’t want any unexpected excuses not to work out the next day.


It Can Happen to Anyone


  • While your intentions might have been good, it’s understandable if the sight of all those treats led to a lapse in judgment. If you had a few too many mini-candy bars or chips, don’t be down on yourself. Forge ahead.
  • Stick with your healthy routine. Get back to working out and eating right. Remain calm and be positive.