Diabetic-friendly Thanksgiving Tips

Mention the word Thanksgiving, and the first thoughts that come to mind typically are associated with family gatherings and the tasty foods served at meal time.

But Thanksgiving and other holidays present challenges to those with diabetes.

According to the CDC, 37.3 million Americans have diabetes – 8.5 million of those who are undiagnosed.

While many of us enjoy the turkey, stuffing, potatoes and other entrees, those who manage their diabetes are advised to avoid a feast of carb-heavy foods and sugary desserts.

Moderation is a key word at Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season.

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And, remember a few Thanksgiving-related tips at the dinner table this year:

• Protein is a plus! Low-carb, high-protein foods present the best option because your body digests protein more slowly, which has less of an impact on your blood sugar levels.
• Don’t overindulge! Portion size is important. You don’t have to fill that plate. Remember, there will be plenty of leftover turkey in the refrigerator in the coming days!
• Plant-based is a plus! Those carbs you consume from high-quality, plant-based items such as sweet potatoes, squash and berries have fiber, which enables you to digest food slower.
• Get away from the TV! After the meal, be active. Talk a walk or simply get moving. It might be tempting to watch football or holiday shows on TV, but it helps to get those feet moving.

So, enjoy your Thanksgiving gathering and remember at CVMG we want to help you achieve the “healthiest you” for the holidays and to start the new year. Talk to your Provider today for other Diabetes management tips and start your New Year right by scheduling your annual physical for 2023!