Living With Diabetes: CVMG Program Delivers Needed Support

Noe Lopez, FNP-C, Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist, Cucamonga Valley Medical Group

For Noé Lopez, a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner at Cucamonga Valley Medical Group, diabetes is more than a disease that affects just over one in ten Americans. It is a disease that strikes hard at his patients as well as members of the Hispanic community, including friends and family.

More than two years ago, when Mr. Lopez came to CVMG, he instituted the Diabetes Self-Management Education* and Support Program. Cucamonga Valley Medical Group has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association for Quality Diabetes Self-Management Education* and Support. This 7-week American Diabetes Association recognized program helps patients manage their diabetes and live their lives to the fullest.

When Mr. Lopez was in nursing school, he saw firsthand the complications that arise from uncontrolled diabetes. He knew then he wanted to have a greater impact than to just treat diabetes complications. He earned his Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist accreditation from the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Once certified, Mr. Lopez created the curriculum used for this program which is offered in English and Spanish.

Available to patients 18 years and older, this evidence-based program is tailored to support the individual and the challenges they face. Each week, a different topic is introduced and builds upon the previous. Patients learn applicable skills like reading food labels and checking sugar levels, and how to self-manage with support. The benefits of the program also extend to patients’ families and social networks as they witness the lifestyle changes these patients make and adopt them as well.

Success looks different for each patient. Even those who feel as if they will never get their diabetes under control find they can change the course for themselves. One of the greatest days for Mr. Lopez was when a recent graduate of the program reported losing 20 pounds and lowering his A1C from 11% to 7% in just three months. The moment the patient learned he could go off insulin was one he will never forget.

Mr. Lopez’s vision for this program is aligned with Cucamonga Valley Medical Group’s goal for The CVMG Health and Wellness Resource Center—to build strong relationships with patients and providers and to provide support and education that extends to the community as well.

When asked why this program is important, Mr. Lopez said it best. “Living with diabetes is a challenge. It can be a burden, like a backpack you cannot take off. Working alongside our providers, CVMG’s program educates and supports patients so they can live healthier and fruitful lives with their loved ones.”