CVMG Procedure Clinics provide convenience, quality care

Patients don’t need referrals for skin procedures, screenings


Cucamonga Valley Medical Group’s Procedure Clinics at the Upland and North Fontana locations offer a wide range of services that provide patients convenient, quality care.

“You don’t have to wait for a referral. It’s one stop,” said Yumi Wong, a licensed and certified Physician Assistant on the CVMG team.

“We provide a wide variety of services ranging from skin cancer screenings, biopsies, excisions and patient education all in a setting that is comfortable and convenient for the patients.”

One stop, many services

The CVMG Procedure Clinics address many patient needs ranging from skin/dermatological treatments; shoulder and knee joint injections; toenail removals; trigger point injections; catheter removals; IUD removals; PICC line removals; biopsies; simple laceration repair; and more.

“We are able to do simple skin procedures in the office with no referral necessary, no wait to get a consultation with a specialist, and with a lower co-pay and at a location familiar to our patients,” Dr. Kimberly Bekemeier said of the CVMG Procedure Clinics. 


Schedule an appointment

Patients may call CVMG at 909.429.2864 for more information. You also may schedule your appointment through the Healow Health and Online Wellness app either on your mobile device or on our website.

CVMG’s Upland office is located at 1310 San Bernardino Road, and the North Fontana office is located at 16465 Sierra Lakes Parkway.