CVMG and ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

“Star Wars” Night has evolved into a family tradition


More than 300 members of the Cucamonga Valley Medical Group will visit a galaxy far, far away on Saturday night. Actually, they’ll be at the Regal Edwards Ontario Palace IMAX & RPX theater.

CVMG shareholders once again will uphold a family tradition in appreciation of their employees while also fostering a team-building atmosphere. CVMG has gathered to watch a showing of each new Star Wars movie since the popular series reboot in 2015. This week’s premiere of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” will provide the CVMG team an opportunity to watch the Resistance take on the First Order as Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker are at the center of the action.


Once again, CVMG has reserved the
entire theater for the big night.


“Our shareholders and the CVMG staff are big fans of the Star Wars movies,” said Dr. Rahmi Mowjood, CEO of CVMG. “Star Wars memorabilia is displayed in some of our locations. And our team even has been known to don Star Wars attire for special occasions. At CVMG we are serious about the health of our patients, but we always set aside time to enjoy an evening together as a team during the holidays.”

CVMG began the Star Wars outings in 2015, reserving a theater for the showing of “The Force Awakens.” The gathering was so popular, CVMG returned to the theater in 2017 for “The Last Jedi.”

“We have invited CVMG staff, providers and family members,” said CVMG Dr. Kyle Smart, who was instrumental in starting the Star Wars gatherings four years ago. “Most of our staff and providers have attended in the past. Movie night has been a big hit and typically is a subject our team is still talking about the Monday after the movie.”

Katelynn Johnson, Community Outreach Specialist at CVMG, said the team enjoys the “Star Wars” movies as well as each other’s company.

“I think sharing commonalities, having your coworkers and supervisors getting to know your closest family and friends brings the life, love and compassion,” Johnson said. “It shows how much we appreciate our staff by providing a night out with CVMG team members and their families.”