Breast Cancer Screening Key to Early Detection

Sarah Perez, NP, Cucamonga Valley Medical Group

By Sarah Perez, NP

According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is currently the most common type of cancer in the United States. The good news is that early detection and treatment dramatically improve one’s chances of survival.

Since 1985, pink ribbons and apparel have been used each October to increase awareness about breast cancer as well as to raise funds for breast cancer research. Yes, 2020 has been a challenging year for us all, and remembering just one more thing can be difficult. That is why CVMG is here to remind you about the importance of Breast Cancer Screening.

3 Facts About Breast Cancer

  • Approximately 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.
  • A woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in America every 2 minutes.
  • About 1 in 10 women diagnosed with breast cancer are under the age of 45

Early detection is key to surviving breast cancer. Since breast cancer does not always present with obvious signs and symptoms, regular screening is imperative. The National Breast Cancer Foundation recommends that adult women perform a Breast Self-Exam (BSE) once a month:

However, while self-exams are a good practice, they must not take the place of routine screening with mammograms. The American Cancer Society recommends that women age 40 and older have regular mammograms, typically once a year. Some women, especially those who have a family history of breast cancer, may need to begin their screening mammograms earlier.

Be On Alert For These Signs and Symptoms:

  • Lump felt in the breast tissue or under the underarm
  • Breast pain
  • Nipple retraction (turning inward)
  • Discharge from the nipple
  • Dimpling of the skin over the breast
  • Rash or redness over the breast

What Can I Do?

  • Please contact CVMG to ask about your personal Breast Cancer Screening needs.
  • Talk to your loved ones and remind them about regular breast cancer screening.
  • Wear pink in October to help spread awareness.
  • Donate to breast cancer research foundations.

As autumn begins, we welcome October’s cooler weather and pumpkin spice lattes. Don’t forget to “Think pink.”