Beyond the White Coat: Get to Know Our Chino – South Ontario Providers

Have you heard about CVMG’s recently-opened location?

If you haven’t, we’d like to introduce you to our Chino – South Ontario Clinic.

This brand-new, state-of-the-art facility is open and “home” to a team of skilled providers who can accommodate English, Spanish, and Mandarin-speaking patients to make sure every person who walks through our doors is Treated Like Family.

The Chino – South Ontario location offers a range of services to keep your health in tip-top shape so you can enjoy life’s moments big and small.

Get to Know Our Chino – South Ontario Providers

Our team of providers includes Lauren Crostic, PA, Chen (Eva) Liang, PA-C, and Elizabeth Cano, DNP, RN, FNP-C.

Our providers offer our patients unique care based on their individual skill sets. But, a common thread that pulls them together is their passion for helping others.

Whether it’s balancing motherhood and a career for Ms. Crostic, picking up a camera and capturing life through a lens as Ms. Liang does, or Ms. Cano playing World of Warcraft with her husband, our providers are more than their profession.

For current and new CVMG patients alike, we want you to get to know our providers beyond their white coats and learn more about them on a personal level.

For example, you might not know one of our providers is an avid baker who makes an out-of-this-world chocolate silk pie.

Read on to find out who it is and much more!

A Passion for Medicine

Ms. Crostic’s family history has played a major role in her love for medicine. Not to mention, her natural “helper” personality aligns with CVMG’s commitment to excellence.

Countless humanitarian and medical mission trips fueled Ms. Liang’s love for the medical profession while Ms. Cano’s involvement in the healthcare industry since she was 19 years old illuminated her belief that everyone deserves the best healthcare possible.

No matter the spark, our providers at Chino – South Ontario continue to fan the flame of their passion each day they come to work.

A Perfect Fit with CVMG

The idea of Be Healthy. Love Your Life. isn’t exclusive to the patient experience.

It’s apparent our providers have found a place they belong and can help others while also nurturing their passions and achieving their goals.

Everyday Ms. Liang puts her white coat on, she knows she’s in a place she loves and one that reflects its core culture of treating patients, employees, and community members like family.

Her ability to build relationships with patients and provide healing, love, and comfort to them makes coming to work every day a privilege.

The success of a business relies heavily on the company culture and that’s something Ms. Cano cherishes as she recognizes how CVMG holds its staff to high-standards, giving them the foundation to create trust and provide superior care.

Heart and soul are the driving forces that Ms. Crostic feels power everything CVMG does for its employees and patients.

Her first impression of CVMG came nearly 10 years ago when she met Dr. Smart while working in the Emergency Room at San Antonio Regional Hospital.

Having the ability to see first-hand his compassion for others and how he brings that same mentality to our six locations shows CVMG cares about each and every patient. This commitment to excellence continues to inspire and nurture Ms. Crostic’s innate “caregiver” mentality at work and at home.

Work-Life Balance

The idea of work-life balance is different for everyone.

Ms. Cano balances her career by spending time with her husband of 25 years and their 22-year-old daughter, both of whom are in law enforcement, as well as their four dogs.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Liang loved traveling the world to experience new places, different cultures, and of course, the delicious foods.

She even backpacked around Europe for three months with her friends after her last semester of college!

Now, she fills her free time with activities like rock climbing.

In addition to taking walks and hikes with her kids and husband, Ms. Crostic loves to bake.

A love that she credits to her 93-year-old grandma who owned a bakery during her childhood.

Her favorite dessert to make is pie, particularly her decadent chocolate silk pie!

Though their professions play a major role in our providers’ lives, to be their best at work, they make sure they take care of themselves.

The idea of “self care” has a different meaning for each provider.

For Ms. Crostic, she makes a concerted effort to have dinner and take nightly walks with her family to clear her head and soak up the precious quality time with her kids and husband.

Ms. Liang leans on time management to know when to turn off her work mind and let loose to do the activities she loves or spend time with those closest to her.

Whether it’s phone calls, a quick getaway, or exercise to relieve stress, Ms. Cano makes time for the activities that rejuvenate her.

Did You Know?

There’s always that little something, a fun fact of sorts, not many people know about you and when it comes to our providers, they’re sharing their little-known fun facts!

Ms. Liang was born in Taiwan and speaks fluent Chinese, a skill that allows her to give back to our Chinese-speaking community. She’s also passionate about photography and loves to capture memories of travel and quality time with family and friends with her camera.

Ms. Cano is a provider by day and by night, her and her husband virtually suit up and play their favorite game, World of Warcraft together.

Before Ms. Crostic became a Physician Assistant, her love of science and math moved her to study engineering for two years. And, as mentioned before, she’s following in her grandma and father’s culinary footsteps as she loves to cook and bake when she’s not at the clinic.

Now that you’ve gotten to know our providers Beyond the White Coat, schedule an appointment at our Chino – South Ontario location, today!