Alexa, Remind Me of My Doctor Appointment

We use technology every day. Without thinking we tap and click our way through chores, tasks and daily responsibilities. We fire off text messages, book appointments and pay our bills all within seconds. Many of us utilize technology for maintaining our health, like tracking fitness progress with wearables. Not only can technology improve our health, but it can also help us manage our loved ones’ health.

As caretakers, you take on an important but stressful role. By integrating technology into your caretaking responsibilities, you can continue taking care of your loved ones while also reducing your own tension.

Consider Amazon’s Echo (also known as Alexa). Echoes are designed to make your life easier, and they have the potential to bring a great amount of value to your life as a caretaker. As caretakers ourselves, we understand that no matter how badly you want to, it’s still impossible to spend 24/7/365 caring for your loved ones. Alexa can be there for some of the time you can’t.


Alexa has a myriad of skills that can take some stress off of you and your loved one. For example, if your loved one isn’t able to dial the phone, Alexa can. Or perhaps you don’t want them to forget about their appointment on October 11 at 10:30 AM with Dr. Smart. Alexa will remind them.

Set up reminders, add a phone so in case of emergency, your loved ones can call you in need. You may want to look into the Echo Connect Box extension so they can receive calls from you as well.  

A small investment like this can help ease your mind and free your time.