‘A Step Toward Better Health’

Walk with a Doc Encourages Movement, Conversation with CVMG Providers

The Cucamonga Valley Medical Group team recently joined patients, friends, family members and even pets to take a significant step toward better health.

CVMG participated in a Walk with a Doc event held at Day Creek Park in Rancho Cucamonga on August 19. Fourteen CVMG staff members and six providers walked alongside three patients and 10 other enthusiastic individuals. Five dogs even provided four-legged participation within the group.

“Walk with a Doc is a free event for our patients and staff,” CVMG’s Dr. Rahmi Mowjood said.

“The goal of the event is to give patients and staff a chance to conversate and participate in a healthy activity with their Provider.”

The non-profit Walk with a Doc has roots dating to 2005, when one doctor in Columbus, Ohio, held a walk in his community. Today, more than 500 communities in 30 countries hold Walk with a Doc events with the goal of making health and happiness accessible to everyone.

“We want to transform the way medicine is practiced – to make it more open, accessible, and rooted within a community,” Dr. David Sabgir, cardiologist and Walk with a Doc founder, said on the organization’s website. “I hope that there will be a time, within my lifetime, when people won’t remember when they didn’t take walks with their doctors.”

CVMG had 33 representatives and five pets participate in its Walk with a Doc.

Each Walk with a Doc event throughout the country opens with a health professional leading a brief discussion on a relevant topic. Dr. Mowjood also led the group at Day Creek Park through stretching and warm-up exercises before the walk through the scenic park on a sunny day.

“Events such as Walk with a Doc build camaraderie and open lines of communication between providers and patients, as well as their family members,” Mowjood said. “Walk with a Doc also is a healthy way to have a fun time.”