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Health and wellness extend past your yearly visit or your trip to our office during flu season. Because life is a precious gift, you should take care of your health everyday. That’s why we created this resource center.

So You Have Poison Ivy?

“Three leaves, let it be” didn’t quite work out, huh? We’ve all been there before. No matter how hard you try to avoid poison ivy, sometimes you still get it.…

3 Ways to Cycle Safely This Summer

Biking is a perfect exercise for both kids and adults because it’s low-impact and improves  strength, balance and endurance. Being located in beautiful California makes it a perfect place to ride… so much so that it’s one of the top 3 states for bike riders!

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I can’t say enough kind things about this wonderful group of doctors and medical professionals!! I first went there when they were new to the area. I fell in love with Dr. Mowjood!! He helped our family, spent a great deal of time with us and we always left feeling like we had a friend.